Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sliding Closer to Halloween

Time for some more vintage slides of Halloween past.  These date from the late 1960's and were found among a huge lot of family slides which I've previously posted here, here, and here.

Back row left is a Bland Charnas Witch 9 costume.  I've never heard of the Bland Charnas company and there's little information on the internet about them.  I was able to identify it from  Bottom row left is a Ben Cooper Space Ghost costume.  The costume on the bottom right appears to say "Frankenstein", but doesn't look like any Frankenstein monster I've seen nor could I find the costume anywhere.  Maybe one of our readers will recognize it.

And I'm not sure what this assortment is supposed to be, but enjoy nonetheless.


  1. wow, i'd love to find that Space Ghost mask nowadays...

    1. I'm sure Mr. E. Bay could assist.


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