Monday, October 13, 2014

Hairy & Scary

Welcome to my 13th post on the Countdown to Halloween!  On this Monday the 13th (cue lightning and wolf howls) I present a couple masks I found at the Mendel Riley estate sale.  They're from the Ben Cooper "Hairy & Scary" line.

There is another mask of some notoriety from this same line that was clearly intended to capitalize on the Kiss craze of the late 1970's (sadly, the mask below isn't mine).

Image courtesy of eBay

I'm not sure how Ben Cooper didn't get sued by Gene Simmons.


Dex said...

There's nothing like the Ben Cooper stuff, works of art!

Ewen Kirk said...

Wow! Definitely had something similar to that first one in the 80s! Makes me miss Guising / Trick or Treating..

We didn't even get any kids round this year...parents seem to be just taking them to Halloween parties in this neck of the woods rather then sending them out hunting for candy...a real shame!

Tom said...

Yes, Trunk and Treats are the enemies of the true spirit of Halloween. We still managed to get about 70 kids despite the chilly temperatures.

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