Friday, October 24, 2014

Kaluta Monster Mash Cover

There's nothing particularly special about this album, other than the cover.   I mean, we all love
"Monster Mash", but it's readily available and played every Halloween on the radio.  There are  some other tracks on the album that aren't usually played, but they're mostly rehashes of the titular song.

However, I love this cover by comic book artist Mike Kaluta.

You can listen to the this album in it's original release with a slightly different track order on Youtube.

Mike Kaluta worked for DC for most of his career, however, I just learned he was the artist behind one of my favorite (visually anyway) music videos, Alan Parson's "Don't Answer Me".  I always suspected it was Rocketeer artist Dave Stevens, but I stand corrected.

Granted, the music is a little soft, maybe even sappy, but the design and graphics were really cool.  And c'mon, the song wasn't that bad either.

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