Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Life 1960

I found this issue of Life magazine at the library a couple years ago. They were having a big periodicals clearance and I couldn't pass up this Halloween issue from 1960.

AC Spark Plugs

Surprisingly, there was only one Halloween-related ad.  Imagine handing out Kool-Aid and unwrapped donuts for Trick or Treaters.  Those were the days.  


It looks like "Mother" referred to them as Trick-n-Treaters, as if there was no choice -- there would be tricks and treats.

In case you thought paparazzi and crazy celebrities was something recent.

The Wibbler.  Also known as the old ankle snapper.

I'll take the one on the left, please.

I wish the photographer hadn't gotten so artsy with these pictures.  I would have liked to have seen the costumes without the funhouse mirror effect.  That clown is outright freaky on its own
A young Marilyn Manson poses.

"Why doesn't this one have those funny litle noises?"  Oh, the kids?  I left them back at the dealership.

Man, I wish they'd bring back the station wagon and make them look like this.

This guy seems more intent on the hot dog in his hand than the blonde on his shoulder.

Oh George, turn down all that election nonsense.  I already told you we're voting for Kennedy!


  1. seriously, NONE of the treats that mom left out could be handed out today. apples, unwrapped candy, and doughnuts? as if.

    i totally recognize that first photo in the arty costume shot series... but i can't place why. maybe you posted it before?

    as for the hot dog man... ummm... yeahhh. : )

    happy halloween! or, as we say 'round these parts, happy nevada day! sesquicentennial, whoo!

    1. Maybe I did post the cover before, I don't recall. Happy Halloween to you too! Miles to go here! Yoink!


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