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What was on TV October 28th through November 3rd, 1978

And finally, the long-awaited Halloween week issue of TV Guide.  I'll admit, I've already blogged this issue, but I took more scans this time and interjected with fresh (no guaranties) humor from friend John.  This time, it's 1978 with a cover that frankly just makes me sad.

Frank Gorshin in a TV movie about Moses? "Riddle me this Pharaoh..."  And Anne Francis, she of Bonny Maid fame.  See how my posts all tie together?! (okay, maybe loosely).

All the talk of second generation VCRs seems quaint now.  Much like "Blu-ray" will seem someday.  "Prices are down".  Yes, now only $1,299.99 (in 1978 dollars).

If something is called "process cheese product" does that even still qualify as food? And when did we as a nation stop calling a rectangular slab of cheese a "loaf" of cheese?  By the way, they "jogging" or possibly "yogging", it might be a soft "j".

The knitted cap this mannaquin in the front row is wearing angers me so much, I hope he takes the full brunt of the impact.

When I see that headline, all I can think about is the way out Robin Williams found.

"My Sheer Energy leg felt lively.  But my other leg felt droopy and tired."  Then I realized I'd had a stroke.  Sorry, is that in poor taste?

He enjoys smoking almost as much as he enjoys letting his chest hair out for some fresh air and his waxy skin out for some sunlight.

Was "Project: Kill" one of Leslie Nielsen's last serious roles? After his turn in "Airplane" it was all farce all the time for him.

Let's see, what would I have watched this Saturday morning.  Starting at 7:00 a.m. it was probably "Scooby Doo" followed by "Fangface", then "Superfriends" with a break over to "Bugs Bunny" now and then.  "Fantastic Four" at 9:30 (with that stupid Herbie the Robot and no Human Torch.  What were they thinking?!)  Then on to "Krofft Superstar Hour" and finally "The ABC Weekend Special" at 11.

"The ABC Weekend Special" was a half-hour show adapting popular children's books into live action and animated specials.  Here Donny Most proves he's not just Ralph Malph.  The "$1000 Bill" also starrs Richard "Fred Rutherford" Deacon.  I don't recall seeing this one.  I'm wondering if it's an adaption of Mark Twain's "The £1,000,000 Bank-Note".  Donny Most had more luck when he discovered that someone got their peanut butter on his chocolate.

"KISS Meets the Phantom" is the pinnacle of cashing in on a cultural phenomenon while consuming copious amounts of cocaine. Peter Criss' voice was dubbed and, in one shot, the KISS member's stunt double was obviously in the scene. He was noticeable by virtue of being African-American.

Seeing that picture of Marcia Strassman in the ad for "Welcome Back Kotter" reminds me of her passing earlier this week.  Another sitcom friend gone.

Oh I MUST be delighted with my Personalized Pony Rocker? Really? You're not the boss of me Kendall House! You don't tell me what does or doesn't delight me!

I think the 1970s had a rule that anything "epic" had to feature Richard Chamberlain somewhere in the cast.

In "Snow White," Dopey doesn't talk. So how did he show up at 261 Sandy Lane on September 17 to talk to Terri, Jimmy and Skippy? Hmmm?

And of course the show we waited for all season.  "Puff the Magic Dragon".  Nah, I'm kidding.  "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown", of course.  Brought to you by Makers of Neat to Eat Treats. Man, I miss Zingers.  And as always, introduced by that CBS Special Presentation intro that made any child of 70's just about leap out of his skull:

Yes, that's right.  The entire News 4 line-up GETS IT ON!  Bunch of sickos.

"Summer of My German Soldier" was actually a pretty good movie.  Starring Kristy McNichol as a Jewish girl who helps an escaped Nazi prisoner of war (Bruce Davison).  It also stars Esther "Good Times" Rolle who helps her deal with the prejudice she encounters when it's discovered she's been harboring the enemy.

KPLR is taking a pretty liberal view of Sci-Fi with a Hammer Studios Dracula movie and a Martin/Lewis romp.

It's kind of sad when "your only answer" is an ill-fitting toupe.

I can't read the description of "Hell Hound" without slipping into Movie Trailer Guy voice mode.

Louis Jordan as Dracula?  This PBS special was probably too high brow for this 11-year old.

Based on the other things Mrs J. Forrest circled in the TV Guide (News shows. Beethoven. Richard Leakey.) I never would have pegged her for an Alice Cooper fan.

I never watched "What's Happening" when it aired orignally, but got hooked on it in reruns (no pun intended).  Little did I know then, years later Fred "Rerun" Berry would attend my wedding.  No, really.  I ended up working with the girlfriend of a friend of his.  When she told me she had spent the weekend riding around in a limousine with Fred Berry, I didn't believe her.  She tried calling him, but he didn't answer the phone, inspiring me to write a Top Ten list a la David Letterman of reasons why Rerun wouldn't answer the phone.  He liked it and a year later, made a surprise appearance at my wedding.  I swear this isn't photoshopped.

I've always been grateful to him for that and was saddened by his passing only 11 years later.

On "Wonder Woman", was Yarnell the ant queen and Shields the ants?

Gary Coleman and a few of his quips.  Who knew his life would end so sadly.

I do NOT want to know how Abe Vigoda goes about picking up girls!

The Hanes invisible man.  Brother to the Scotch Tape invisible man?

Marilu Henner's stunt double sure has a strange way of holding a bottle of aspirin.

Superior Muffler guarantees everything for your AMERICAN car. If you put their muffle on a Honda, Datsun or Toyota, you're on your own.

Technically, "Caprice. And Impala" are three words GM.

And that's all for this week in TV.  A big thanks to friend John for his usual input.  Stay tuned.


  1. i'm SO glad you mentioned the things circled in the book and then the odd alice cooper/muppets episode. i thought the same thing, and then i read your comment. up until that point, i was thinking, "you can pretty much guess the age window of this person by what they circled to watch."

    and i can vouch for the wedding pic (i used to love that show). it's still such an odd (but 100% true) story.

    1. >"you can pretty much guess the age window of this person by what they circled to >watch."
      Yeah, I'm glad I didn't grow up in that house. I pretty much ruled the tv in my house, except for Sunday mornings when my dad would watch wrestling.

  2. I also did a double take at The Muppet Show being one of her circled shows. Interesting. Weird coincidence, I just watched Dracula Has Risen From the Grave today. Not a bad Hammer Horror flick. Just would like to climb back into this issue view some sort of time machine. I know, rose-colored glasses and all, but still.

    1. meant VIA some sort of time machine, not VIEW. LOL

      Happy Halloween!

    2. Happy Halloween to you too, Joe. For now, we'll have to settle for our minds being our time machines.

  3. So much good stuff here, including Devil Dog! The VCR piece looks fascinating. I'll read it when I have more time...


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