Wednesday, December 3, 2014

On Styrofoam, on Polystyrene! Away!

I found this Santa, his sleigh and 4 not so tiny reindeer at an estate sale this past fall.  They're made of Styrofoam which I just learned is actually Dow Chemical's trademarked name for polystyrene foam.  Kind of like everyone calls gelatin Jello, bandages Band-aids and paper tissues Kleenex.  Santa has a plastic overlay while the deer are painted. 

Santa and his sleigh measures about a foot long by 8 inches tall.

The deer are 6 inches tall and 12 inches long.

The price stickers on the backs are marked "F. W. Woolworths" and 39 cents for each deer and 69 cents for Santa and his sleigh.  I believe Woolworth's dropped the "F. W." by the '60's so these may pre-date that.


  1. it's incredible that these weren't dented or broken. even that firmer styrofoam with the smooth finish tended to show every mark. great find!

    1. Actually, one of the reindeer was cracked from the back and had been repaired with Elmer's, but it doesn't show from the front.


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