Saturday, April 18, 2015

1950's Travel Brochures

I found these 1950's travel brochures at a sale yesterday.  After waiting 15 minutes for a gentleman to sort through and cherry pick the best brochures (not that I begrudge him other than he beat me to it), I finally had a chance to go through a pick out a few.  Then while checking out, I'd discovered the man before me had ditched some at the checkout table, so I grabbed those too.  By the way, I ran into the same man at a later sale and had to wait for him again!  Always one step ahead of me!

First up is a brochure for Weeki Wachee Springs which I recently posted about.

 Bridal Chamber at Silver Springs, Florida.  It doesn't appear to be in business anymore, but apparently appears on many lists of "haunted" locations according to Google.

Marine Studios, Marineland, Florida. Still in business today, although I doubt they stab their sharks anymore.

"The Haunted Shack" at Knott's Bery Farm, Buena Park, California, closed in 2000.  According to Wikipedia, following the tour, guests were asked to take the following oath:

Guide: Repeat after me: I
Group: I
Guide: Got taken
Group: Got taken
Guide: That's the whole oath.

 "The Mystery of The Magnetic House", Cascade, Colorado.  I couldn't find any reference to this attraction on the internet, but appears to be the same as "The Haunted Shack".  Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri has "Grandfather's Mansion" which is a similar attraction featuring these kind of illusions.

This image reminded me of Vegas Vic, the famous neon cowboy:

There's a warm welcome...and nuclear fallout...for all in friendly Nevada!

Santa's Village, various locations including Chicago, IL, Lake Arrowhead, CA and Santa Cruz, CA.


  1. you just KNEW i'd be all over those nevada brochures : )

    they are an awesome find! i was hoping to recognize some of the illustrations as one of the local famous artists from back then, but they don't look like his stuff. funny how the one titled "about nevada" kind of forgets to mention Reno on the cover, haha. and we're STILL proud of our tax structure. no state income tax, whoohoo (thanks, gamblers! but we'll see how much longer that lasts now that gambling is on the general decline in most of the areas outside of vegas).

    1. >you just KNEW i'd be all over those nevada brochures
      It's a fact, I did.

  2. I am looking for some 1950 - 1953 brochures. Our Community Theatre is doing M*A*S*H July 25, 26 and Aug 1, 2. There's a scene that calls for these. Can you help me? Email me at if so

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