Saturday, April 11, 2015

Korea in Black and White

I found these pictures at the same sale where I found the photo in my previous post. They are of a military base in Korea in the early 1950's.

Googling Korean War insignias, I was able to determine the insignia on the helipcopter designated them as the 25th Infantry division out of Hawaii, also known as Tropic Lightning (how cool is that for a nickname).  
At first I thought these were South Korean soldiers in training, but given they're wearing the 25th insignia on their hats, I think they're actually U.S. soldiers.

Holding an M1 Carbine rifle.

The same helicopter from earlier.  I think this is a Bell 47.  I guess the skid could be swapped out with landing wheels?

I believe these are possibly South Korean soldiers.

This looks like a kid

Love the pompadour.

Other scenes from around the camp

At first I thought that was a tank and wondered where it though it was going, but looking at the close up, it might be some kind trailer vehicle that's fallen down the mountainside, overtuned on its side.


  1. How crazy to find cool photos like that. I would be fun to research them.

    1. Yeah, I thought about reaching out to the 25th infantry on them. They are still a military division today.

  2. My God. They're all babies.


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