Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mid Century Home Builders Calendar, 1964

I came across this and another calendar with a similar theme from the same building supply company (Monroe Building Supply Inc. in Columbia, Illinios) at a sale recently (in Columbia, Illinois of course).  Each month of the calendar features a home with building plans on the back along with some interior decorating ideas.  Some beautiful designs and excellent execution by the artist (intials QA or OA).


  1. another stellar find! i'm thinking i like january's best. do you have a favorite? my poor old eyes would love to have enlargements so i can read the home tips.

    1. I think my favorite is March with its googie roof pillars, but it's hard to argue with June an d its stylish carport. I can email the originals if you can stand the bandwidth. Suitable for framing!

    2. i do like March for the construction detailing by the porch posts. you just don't see that any more. do you have dropbox? or maybe use a free large file service like Hightail? i'm game. thanks!


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