Monday, April 27, 2015

Cartoon Dishes

I found this pair of cartoon-themed dishes at a sale last week for 50 cents each.  First up is this Yabba Dabba Doo-riffic Flintstones bowl by Deka from 1978, perfect for those Saturday morning bowls of sugary cereals.

Next is this plate featuring "off model" (thanks for the term, Karswell, I knew there was name for that!) Looney Tunes characters.
 The plate is unmarked, but may be made by Lenox.

These off model (there's that term again) drawings of the characters always bugged me.  Couldn't they find someone who knew how to draw them?

Elmer almost looks like his early incarnation as "Egghead".


  1. i'd never heard the term "off model" -- does it signify art drawn by someone other than the originator, something you can tell was done by a different hand because of various stylistic changes? or does it refer to knock-offs? this plate even has an incorrect copyright designation, haha -- probably an effort to avoid lawsuits.

    1. I take "off model" to mean not from the model sheet created for the character. Typically, before a cartoon is done, the lead animator draws the characters in multiple positions and expressions and these are used as models for the animators. I don't think the plate is a knockoff, I just think the artist drew the characters from his own mind or maybe just wasn't that good. What do you mean by incorrect copyright designation? It says Warner Bros.

    2. hmm, ok. i don't actually think these are THAT bad, but that's just me. they look reminiscent of the earlier versions to me.

      as far as copyright designations go, from what i know, a proper copyright notice needs to be "© [year] entity name" -- this one has no year, so i'm not sure what legal leg it could stand on. that's why i was thinking it was a knockoff -- warner brothers would be dang sure to put their copyright designations correctly.

    3. Ah, I see what you mean.


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