Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Who Me?!

I'll close out this April Fools' day with a riddle.

Is this really twelve-year-old Karen Sprengle who won the 1961 Pillsbury Junior Division Bake-Off and was featured on the back of that year's cookbook which I picked up at a sale last week...

Or am I fooling you and it's really '70's child star Johnny Whitaker:


  1. i agree - they could be twins! uncanny. in the interest of not-googling-it, whatever happened to Johnny Whitaker? he was so recognizable. tragic child star, i'm guessing?

    1. He did have a bout with drugs later in life, but is now a drug counselor. He didn't do much TV work after the 70's, but has a show in development called, appropriately enough, "The Comeback Kids".

    2. I am Karan Sprengle's brother. Yup, that's her.

    3. Hi Karan's sister! Cool that you dropped by. Did your sister stay in the cooking field? And I hope no offense was taking on the ribbing about Johnny Whitaker. It was all in fun.


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