Sunday, November 8, 2015

Dexter Modern Home Laundering

 No, not this one.

Not this one either.

This one!

From 1946, this guide shows you how to get the most (not to mention dirt) out of your wash.

Tucked inside this book, was this hang tag.

When's the last time you oiled your washing machine?

Somebody didn't follow the instructions.  This card was never hung in its proper place.

I love the back stories they created for this family.  You'll notice they were certain to establish that June was married.  Where is June's husband?  Most likely serving his country. This was 1946 and there was one more year left of the draft.

Founded in 1894, The Dexter Company is still in business producing commercial laundry machines.


  1. Oooh - never knew how to wash sick room linens. Glad Mrs. Martin was there to show me the way.

    1. And be sure to remove all frogs from pockets.


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