Friday, November 6, 2015

What was on TV November 6th through 12th, 1976

Welcome once again to What was on TV.  The major television event of this week in 1976 was the first network airing of "Gone with the Wind". I remember my mother being very excited about this.

 Why does that guy look like a ventriloquist dummy?

 Some harsh words from R. Walters for Angie Dickinson and all women over 35!

 I don't recall Ted Baxter having a son on Mary Tyler Moore, much less that it was played by Robbie "Oliver" Rist.  Rist was appearing in "Big John, Little John" on Saturday mornings at the same time.

 Oh Wonder Girl.  If anyone could steal me away from Wonder Woman, it was you.  ROWRRR!

And National Geographic, I'm failing to identify "The Grizzly" in any of these pictures.

 "Strictly for the Birds Week"?  Chicken, Birds, Mockingbird, Goose...Cat?"  Oh, I see where you're going with that, TV 30.  Clever girl.

 I don't recall Chef Boyardee Frozen Pizza.  It must not have been around very long.

 "P.J." and "the President's Son" were both played by Lance Kerwin who would star in James at 15/16 the next year.  He was also starred in the television adaption of "Salem's Lot".

Through the manipulation of his parents, Marjoe Gortner was an ordained evangelical preacher by the age of 4 and traveled the revival circuit until the age of 16, earning his parents an estimated $3 million dollars.  When his father left with the money, Marjoe left preaching.  He later decided to parlay his ability to preach to large crowds into acting.

C'mon, Sarah.  24 down, "She's Julie Kotter"?  "Strassman"!  And 36 across, "Beth Howard on Alice"?  "Vera"!  Do you watch TV or just read about it?!

That's all for now.  Tune in next time.


  1. Always fun! I was real young at this time, but it is definitely when I was watching and things began sticking in my memory. Mainly cartoons, The Six-Million Dollar Man, Bionic Woman and Wonder Woman, but not a bad start!

    1. Yeah, looking at the Saturday morning line-up, those are the earliest shows I remember watching like "Kids from C.A.P.E.R.", "Land of the Lost" and "Big John, Little John".

    2. Don't recall "Kids from C.A.P.E.R." at all, but loved "Land of the Lost" and had heard of "Big John, Little John."

      I am not sure I asked this before or not, but how do you feel about me sharing some of your pics on my retro TV tumblr site, with a link crediting back to you here? The site is located at:

      If not, that is fine. I totally understand. :)

    3. Kids from C.A.P.E.R. was a Don Kirschner production, if I recall correctly. 4 guys who were private investigators, each with a special power, and a band to boot.
      >how do you feel about me sharing some of your pics
      I have no problem with that, Joe. Help yourself. I'm not one of those people that watermark their images. Afterall, I don't own them, I just scan and share. Spread the love, Joe.
      Thanks for the link to your tumblr, I'll definitely check it out.

    4. Awesome, thanks Tom! Much appreciated.

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  3. Oh yes - Gone with the Wind was huge. My younger sister fell in love with Rhett Butler and was heart broken to learn Clark Gable was dead. She was around 8 at the time. One of my older sisters also became obsessed and read the book over and over. We started to make paper dolls that had 1860 gowns to wear. Yup it influenced every aspect of our lives at the time. However, just 25 years later, My daughter thought it was the most racist piece of crap she had ever seen.

  4. Gone with the Wind, 3 hours? sounds about right. gads, i hate that movie. SO DULL.

    earth shoes!

    death wish, soundtrack by jimmy page. so good.

    "i like tobacco -- i don't smoke." hooray for mouth cancer!

    1. I've only watched GWTW once and that was when this aired, so I was only 9 and thought it was boring too. I was surprised it was only 3 hours. It seemed a lot longer back then.
      I forgot about the Jimmy Page/Deathwish connection.


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