Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Family Circle November 15th, 1977

This week's issue of Family Circle comes from 1977 and presents lots of blech-tacular food and fashion. Enjoy!

Mop & Glo really brings out the red in your vinyl linoleum.

Apple Mallow Yam Yums.  Say that five times fast.

The 70's loved crochet

With Riveton, Parker Brothers was poised to present some overdue competition to the Erector set, but in 1978, an 8-year-old boy suffocated when he inhaled a Riviton rivet. Parker Brothers issued a voluntary recall of the product and it was pulled from the market.

Shhhh!  He doesn't care.  He's a dog.

Another crazy diet fad of the '70's.  Less than a decade later, bread would be put on the naughty list.

It doesn't actually keep it moist and tender, it just seems that way in contrast to the hard, dry crumbs of Shake 'n Bake.

My 12-year-old son found one of these at a garage sale this past summer.  When we make popcorn at home, he always gets it out to make his own.  But we don't keep it in the den.

The mysteries of Grape-Nuts explained.  Somehow, it ruins the magic.

"Gee, thanks Mom!"
"Uhhh... I'm Dad..."

  Face it lady. Your house smells like cat urine.

I've previously mentioned how this ad reminds me of the Hubba Hubba Hiney episode of Laverne & Shirley. I've also previously mentioned how people stumble upon my blog from Google searching on "Laverne & Shirley Hubba Hubba Hiney". Well, here's another one for you, you bunch of perverts.

 I believe crispins were my first introduction to croutons.  Of course, my frugal family thought paying for dried bits of bread was just crazy when you had all those butt-ends of bread laying in the bread drawer for free.

Hey, Carroll Shelby, the name of the magazine is Family Circle.  Watch the language.

 Wow, not one mention in the ad of Richard Scarry, the creator of these characters. C'mon, Playskool!

Because good taste doesn't have to cost a fortune...or necessarily have good taste.

 Oh Mr. Bagel, you cannot marry Miss Cream Cheese.  She is of a different tier of the Food Pyramid.

No mom.  Jello will never be an acceptable substitute for ice cream in a banana split.  NEVER!

Ah, an early appearance of lip gloss, a look that would dominate the '80's.

105 exciting gifts you can make that no one will want.

Apparently, the "Perfect Thanksgiving Feast" involves a lot of green food.

Thickness really counted in foods in the '70's.

To me, adding squeezability to margarine rachets up the nastiness meter.

I have never in my life seen ham available chunked in a can.  Maybe I don't get out enough.

Anything that will shut that kid up so I can iron these jeans.

A real Pucci.  I'm just going to let that one go.

I refuse to nag my husband about smoking.  I have a huge insurance policy on him.

 Again, another ham canning option I've never seen.

Christmas creeps into Thanksgiving.  It's been going on for years, folks.

Nothing will make you diet like slabs of unflavored gelatin and canned fruit.

If you tried this ploy in real life, those kids would be beating you up.

Not only is it wrong to make french fries out of rice, it's wrong to spell them "frys".

Gravy loafs.  Why didn't I think of that?  Oh, because it's gross.


  1. OH my lord!! I remember so many things from this magazine that flooring adds the dog food we feed our dog that looked like hamburger and I have a picture of me wearing one of the outfits show.(No way not going to tell you witch one!) But the horror of the fact is I'm still using that same crock pot from 1977!!! Thanks for the hand me down mom so glad it has not set my house on fire! LOL, great post as always.

  2. Where are the "sex problem no one ever talks about" - I am intrigued. Love that little Richard Scary town. Too cute.

    1. Sorry, Lady M, the article was decidedly dull. The problem was lack of desire.

  3. I am interested in the directions for the sparkling crochet ornaments. Any chance you could send those to me? kroshay@hughes.net

    1. Hi Kroshaay, my magazines are buried at the moment, but I'll be going through them soon and will get you scans of those.


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