Thursday, November 19, 2015

What was on TV November 14th through 20th, 1970

We're reaching way back this week, maybe farther back than some of our readers.  It's 1970.  Dig it, man.

That's Cybill Shepherd rocking the Marcia Brady look.  Or was Marcia Brady rocking the Cybill Shepherd look?  Cybill, Cybill, Cybill!!!

An electric watch! What will they think of...what? It just takes a battery? Well that's a let down.

Surgeons wash up to 20 times a day.  And they don't use soap.  And they don't use water.  I guess technically, they don't wash at all.

Don't let that horse get too close to the rear bumper.  The Pinto became the target of criticism and jokes (like the previous sentence) for its perceived danger of fire due to rear impact accidents.  A 1991 study showed the number of deaths that occurred due to this design flaw were no worse than other cars of the same era.

RCA launches the age of AccuColor.  That's great if you're content with yellow, red, blue, black and white.  I know.  Primary colors.  C'mon, people, it's just a joke!

A hangover isn't funny?  Tell that to Foster Brooks.

Clowns with a "C" will scare you.  Klowns with a "K" will straight up murder you.

Get yourself a One Armed Banker and you'll soon be rolling in dimes! Or nickels if you go that route.

Channel 11 was hosting Gary Cooper week while Channel 30 was hosting John Wayne Week.  Informal poll: ¿Quien es mas Macho?  ¿John Wayne o Gary Cooper?

The ad above solves the mystery behind this post.

Baron Von Crypt must not have lasted too long.  From what I understand he became an attorney.  From one blood sucker get the idea.  Here's some footage of the Baron.  It's actually not bad. Reminiscent of Svengoolie which debuted around the same time.

I like how TV Guide just lists NHL hockey on Channel 11 at 7:00 p.m. They couldn't even be bothered to tell us what teams were playing.

Liverwurst spread. Another entry in the "two words that should never go together" file.

I wonder if the Sammy Davis, Jr. circus special was a precursor to Circus of the Stars.

I don't think you could get away with captioning that a 300 lb woman was "ready for the circus" these days. And when was the last time you used "slats" in a sentence?

Chef Boy-ar-dee Frozen Pizza.  Another product I don't recall.  Jeno's and Totino's ruled the cardboard pizza market when I was a kid.

That's all for now. Stay tuned.


  1. i had forgotten that cybill shepherd was a model at one time. she's always been stunning, apparently.

    man, they were really pushing the Longines Symphonette back then. wonder what the deal was.

    poor pintos! so very 70s, now so unloved.

    i find it quite amusing that they called the toy slot machine a "one-armed banker" -- what, was "one-armed BANDIT" too shocking?

    answer: gary cooper es mas macho.

    don't you remember commercials for the Underwood Devil?

    lily tomlin rocks.

    love the review of the "new" odd couple show! i was thinking about them yesterday (honest) because there's been some press lately about Carly Simon's new autobiography where she supposedly "finally" comes clean about who the song "you're so vain" is about. (SPOILERS: it's not james taylor after all!) -- anyway, the Odd Couple connection is because they do my favorite cover of that song:

    1. >what, was "one-armed BANDIT" too shocking?
      It might imply gambling whereas this implied saving!
      >answer: gary cooper es mas macho.
      Muy bien.
      >don't you remember commercials for the Underwood Devil?
      Oh, man. That kid. THAT KID!
      >lily tomlin rocks.
      And that's the truth. Pffffft!
      >they do my favorite cover of that song:
      Oh man, that's just awful.

    2. how can you say that's awful? i laugh EVERY time, haha -- i wonder what the other tracks on that album are like.

      yeah, i had forgotten about that kid from the underwood commercials until i searched for that one. there's others. raisin bran, other things. i wonder what happened to him. i'm afraid to dive into a search.

    3. >how can you say that's awful?
      Well, awful in a funny way. Kind of like William Shatner singer "Rocket Man"
      >i wonder what happened to him.
      I think I saw him a while back on one of those "where are they now" shows.

    4. > Well, awful in a funny way. Kind of like William Shatner singer "Rocket Man"

      well, i submit that his really IS awful, haha. to be fair, i can't listen to most of Nimoy's album, either.

      i particularly love how in-character they stay, even when they seem to be improvising as they go along ("...where did all these PEOPLE come from?!")

  2. For a moment I thought that WAS Maureen McCormick!

  3. We are trying to find any information on Baron Von Crypt. He is eligible for the Horror Host Hall Of Fame.

    1. According to the local St. Louis Television Facebook group I belong to, his name is Mark Lashly and possibly moved to Florida. I will reach out to them and see if there's any further information.

  4. Sure is great to read these old guides. This stuff turn me into a TV addict.


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