Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Die Cut Blow Out

The big day approaches quickly.  I was going to post these die cuts separately thinking I'd need to stretch things out a bit, but it looks like I have enough to finish out the season.  Up first is this Beistle trio of witch, cat and ghosts. By the way, the orange in these scans don't do the die cuts justice, they are much brighter and vibrant in person.  No amount of color adusting can replicate it.

Doing her best "Kilroy" impersonation.

These next die cuts are all made by Eureka.  This first one is an earlier example.

The rest of these probably date from the 1980's.  The art style changed considerably, turning to a "cuter" look.  Also, they really don't qualify as die cuts since these all have perforated edges and were most likely torn from a large sheet of multiple prints.

 Compare the art for this haunted house to the first one above. I think you'll agree, something was lost.

These next two die cuts are an exception to the above with artwork that hearkens back to the earlier days of Eureka.


  1. A agree - a lot was lost in the cutsie 80's

  2. yeah, the 80s ones are too cutsie. the Beistle ones are the best by far, although that skull (second to last) is pretty awesome.

    1. yeah, the skull is like a transition item, blending the cool (the skull) with the cute (the mouse).

  3. Definitely had at least a couple of these. Still love the art style.


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