Sunday, October 16, 2016

Halloween Mask-o-rama

It's time to display some of the Halloween masks and costumes I've picked up over the past year. Most are unmarked and unidentified.  Let me know if you recognize one.

Morticia Addams, Ben Cooper 1960's

Fred Flintsone, Ben Cooper 1970's 

These next 3 masks are toddler-sized.  

I first assumed this was a Wizard of Oz Scarecrow mask by either Ben Cooper or Collegeville, but it doesn't resemble any example I've found on the internet.

Likewise, this Raggedy Ann doesn't resemble any Ben Cooper or Collegeville example I could find.

Sure, we all recognize this Ben Cooper Strawberry Shortcake, but who remembers American Greetings' Urchins? Certainly not me.

 Alas, "Jenny" too has been lost to the ages.  I could find no reference to this particular "Urchin".

A little something for your nightmares.  Someone has taken a Ben Cooper Bozo the Clown mask and cut off its orange hair and replaced it with another clown skull cap. That's messed up.

Again, no manufacturer found for this Dalmatian mask.  I'm not sure if it's a licensed Disney piece or a knockoff.

And finally, this 1965 Ben Coooper Leo Lion costume is another mystery.  I thought for sure this was a cartoon tie-in, but I got nothin'.


  1. Wow those masks really do bring back a lot of memories. I remember poking my tongue through those little slits in the mouth, and the mask always had a terrible plastic taste.

  2. Hehe...I always find the masks that aren't supposed to be scary some of the freakiest looking! That Fred Flintstone....*shudders*... ;-)


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