Monday, October 31, 2016

On October 31

I found this album of 78's at a garage sale last weekend.  The black cat and Jack O' Lantern caught my eye.

"Songs for Little Folks" is a collection 4 records whose topics range from holidays to seasons to standard childhood fun.

The Halloween-themed song is called "On October 31" and is set to the music of "In the Hall of the Mountain King" by Edvard Grieg.

The original lyrics are sung by a band of Trolls in the play "Peer Gynt" and are translated as follows:

Slay him! The Christian man's son has seduced
the fairest maid of the Mountain King!
Slay him!
Slay him!
May I hack him on the fingers?
May I tug him by the hair?
Hu, hey, let me bite him in the haunches!
Shall he be boiled into broth and bree to me
Shall he roast on a spit or be browned in a stewpan?
Ice to your blood, friends!
I can understand why they might have changed the lyrics for children.

Listen here or watch below, as played on my Æolian-Vocalion:


  1. That's a neat tune. Happy Halloween!

  2. Definitely a fun song! Happy Halloween!

  3. Ha ha ha - I like those original lyrics. They hold nothing back!

  4. great recording! i want to hear it with the original lyrics, now. i had no idea they were so gruesome, haha. happy Nevada Day, everyone! ; )

    1. 364 other days in the year and they had to pick Halloween? :P

    2. don't blame us, blame lincoln and the time it took for states to be admitted back then. we were even on a rush schedule! having it concide with halloween means nevada has the coolest state holiday in the nation. : P


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