Monday, October 10, 2016

Jack and Jill October, 1951

This October 1951 issue of "Jack and Jill" was another in the same lot I bought that was featured in last month's post.

The cover is a watercolor by Dorothea Cooke who illustrated mainly for "Jack and Jill" throughout most of her career.  She was married to "Hardie" Gramatky, a famous watercolorist as well and illustrator of the popular children's book "Little Toot".

I'm pretty sure releasing one zoo animal to curtail another escaped zoo animal will only end in tragedy.

"Scrambling for treasure in a pan of flour" was named Top Activity NOT happening at a party at my house by parents across America.

Painting Halloween scenes on storefront windows needs to make a comeback.

The children's letters on these next pages range from houses overrun by bees to the marvel of a 3rd grader knowing how to answer a phone.  Talk about a whiz kid.

No, Jean, you didn't used to think cars ran by themselves.  You were having a premonition.


  1. Omg - those letters are too funny. Her Daddy's a tease alright unless, of course, you happened to be a diamond back rattlesnake.

  2. that party game of having kids frantically rooting through a big bowl of flour (how wasteful!) reminds me of the halloween section of "meet me in st. louis"... didn't the kids in that movie hit someone at the door in the face with a handful of flour as a "trick"? kids these days would risk being shot!

    1. >reminds me of the halloween section of "meet me in st. louis"..
      Yes, Tootie throws flower in Mr. Brokoff's face and says, "I hate you, Mr. Brokoff!" Definitely not something you want to pull these days.


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