Sunday, December 2, 2018

Merry Chris-mouse

Mr. and Mrs. Santa Mouse were made by Royalty Industries in 1970 and were made to be banks.

They are clearly inspired by the popular puppet of the time, "Topo Gigio".

"Topo  Gigio" debuted on Italian television in 1959.  In 1963, he began appearing on "The Ed Sullivan Show". "Topo Gigio" (translated from the Italian for "Louis Mouse") was operated by 4 puppeteers, 3 for various articulation and a fourth to voice "Topo".  The puppeteers all dressed in black and used a black back drop to conceal themselves.  "Topo" was known for his stereotypical Italian accent, always saying to Ed when he would depart: "Keesa me goo'night!".  "Topo" continued as a regular throughout the show's run and even closed out the final show in 1971.


  1. Cute! Bet some people still put these out every year!

  2. Those are cool! Sure hope all is well after yesterday's crazy weather down your way.

    1. Completely missed St. Louis. We had a beautiful day. A little windy last night. But nothing damaging. Thanks for caring!

  3. funny thing is, i knew Topo Gigio was a '50s TV personality, and i knew the sign off phrase, but i've never seen a clip of him until now. i had no idea he was a mouse puppet! haha


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