Saturday, December 22, 2018

Reader's Digest Condensed - December 1968

It's time for the December edition of Reader's Digest Condensed, which of course means, just the ads.  But as a bonus in honor of Christmas, I'm including "St. Nicholas: The People's Saint" for a bit of history on the jolly fat man in red.

My mother had the 1964 green Firestone Christmas album. I have it now.  I see these albums at sales frequently.

I'm not sure what it is about that picture but it disturbs me.  Perhaps because it looks like this elf has ripped the head off of one of it's own and has begun to eat it...and its crumbs are in his beard.

"Haunting smoky flavor". I don't think I want my hams haunting me.

I recognized this model by her smug puckered mouth from this 1966 ad for Lipton Onion Soup, which happens to also be the same ad The History Channel lifted from me for their "Christmas through the Decades" specials.

First we start with a piece of French toast.  Then we top with slices of grilled Spam.  Then ladle orange juice concentrate on top.  Is your mouth watering yet?

Let's settle this once and for all.  Leave Jello molds to Jello, people!

Mayonnaise dip just doesn't tickle my taste buds.

In case you have leftover Spam from that breakfast nightmare earlier...

That's right, ladies. Let you husband know you are on the prowl and available.

Fungi appeared on Earth 1.5 billion years ago.  Excatly how modernized could Lipton make it?

Drinking gelatin makes me wonder if it molds to the shape of your stomach.

Cadillacs are for men who like to drink coffee while they golf...and the women that love them.

Bulova must have dropped a bundle on this 12-page ad.

I hope that typewriter isn't to scale.  It looks like it would take 2 people to pick it up.

I previously featured a Dippy Canoes can in a post.  I now present you it's cousins: "Corn Skis" and "Salty Surfers". 

The majority of the features are standard in most cars now with the exception of cornering lights and Guide-Matic.

These cameras are a dime a dozen at sales these days.

And now by uproarious demand (James asked for it), I give you the Ann Landers article.

That wraps up this edition of Reader's Digest Condensed.


  1. What? Not even a "I Am Joe's Lymph Node"?

  2. I want Jeno's Chilli Burger pizza rolls to come back!!

    1. Hmmm. Chili Burger Pizza Rolls. I'm not saying I wouldn't try one, but I wonder...

    2. I'm still made that Totino's stopped making the Nacho Pizza Rolls!

  3. You didn't post the Ann Landers article?! Forty lashes with a wet noodle!

    1. I deserved that. Tell you what. As my Christmas gift to you, James, I'll add it. Merry Christmas!


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