Thursday, December 13, 2018

Santa Light Cover

I found these ginormous Santa light covers in the basement of an estate sale a couple years ago. They measure 18" x 18". I would guess they date from the 1960's.

 I first thought they were wall plaques until I noticed a cutout at the bottom.

I discovered if you put them together, they would go around a pole. 

I'm guessing these would mount on those mid century gas lamps you see in people's yards.  We had one growing up.

Side note: When I was a kid I would pretend this was a submarine periscope by grasping that bar that goes through the pole and staring into the pole. Yeah, I was a weird kid.

A snowman version of these is still sold.

I don't have an outside lamp, but I'm tempted to build something to mount these on.


  1. wow, that's a bit creepy looking. what keeps them from shifting or blowing away?

    1. Originally, there were clamps that held the two pieces together around the light. I guess they rested on the bar below the light?

    2. hmm, maybe. still seems like it would slip or rotate somehow, but maybe they fit snugly enough. wonder why you don't see those anymore. i guess yard lights like that are pretty unusual now.

  2. Different! I know a lady in town who had the snowman version. Wonder if she still puts it out? Will have to drive by to see.


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