Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Coin Bank

This plastic Rudolph bank's red nose lights up when coins are dropped in his slot.

A screw in back holds the bank together. Opening it reveals the magic.

A contact switch is depressed when coin is put in the back, closing the circuit and lighting the nose.

This antiquated battery once supplied the power, but is now lifeless. No worries though, it's just a standard AA.

 I don't have the original box, but his is what it looked like.

The bank was produced in 1951 by the E. J. Kahn company who also produced Rudolph toy irons (not sure I get the tie-in.  Did he guide Santa's sleigh AND press his pants?) and Rudolph flashlights.


  1. Oh I am jealous on this one!! You have some terrific finds!!

  2. this is a neat find. i can't imagine the flashlight was all that bright, but it's as perfect a tie-in as you could imagine, considering the lyrics of the song. the iron, however... i don't know. maybe some weird "we need a toy for girls, since the flashlight is OBVIOUSLY for boys" or some such nonsense.

  3. The Rudolph iron now resides on The Island of Misfit Toys.


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