Friday, September 5, 2014

American Home, September 1966

The September issue of American Home has arrived and this time it's 1966 and a look at the exciting future of home living not to mention *lots* of ads.

Don't forget the Phillips'!  Because I plan on drinking lots of filthy Third World water.

Honey, after you've removed my riding boots, be a sport and fetch me a Scotch on the rocks.  Thatta girl.

The Now Taste of Tab.
You know this ad is from the 60's.  She has imperfect teeth.  And giant earrings.

Duz Detergent
We had these glasses around the house growing up.  Smoked glass was big in the '60's.

Mohawk Carpet

Glad Bags
Notice they are advertising school supplies in September, not July.

Remember kids, just because The Devil calls, doesn't mean you have to answer.

Post 40% Bran.  One wonders what the other 60% was.

Ivory Liquid Dish Soap.
No, that's not creepy at all.


Apparently, that other 60% has reduced her to a boneless freak.

Love that Ball Chair.  You can still buy them.

Good to see there will still be room for the trusty abacus and the 8mm projector.

Apparently, shrinkage has been weighing heavily upon this poor woman's mind.  "Any cut of meat?  ANY???!!!"

Jane Withers for Comet Cleanser.

Morton Salt.  Their motto "When it rains, it pours" always baffled me as a child.  I knew you put salt on ice, but rain water?   It wasn't until I was an adult I realized they were referring to the fact it wouldn't clump up during humid weather.

Tappan Time Machines aka Microwave Ovens

My Grandfather always referred to this as "whitener".

Be Suspicious if it's not Sanforized, you big dummy!  Sorry, that would be Sanfordized.

Ruberoid Fine Flooring.  Do you pronounce that rubber-roid or roober-roid?

Reynolds Aluminum siding practically pays for itself, until the first hail storm.

You like to watch ceilings, do you girlie?

A towel sandwich?  Sounds a little dry.  How about a little French's with that.

Friskies Mix

Coke, of course.

Breck Shampoo.  Love that beehive

And that's all for this month's issue.  Hope you enjoyed.


  1. so much to drool over in this one... all that modern housing and furniture! those computers! but my main question is, isn't that clamshell house the one in colorado that they used for woody allen's "Sleeper"? i remember passing it many, many times.

    1. > isn't that clamshell house the one in colorado that they used for woody allen's "Sleeper"?
      I thought the same thing and Googling it just now, it has to be.


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