Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tom's Book

I found this among a bunch of other papers at an estate sale a couple weeks ago.  It literally had my name on it.

A gift from Dad on February 11th, 1977.  I imagine dad had high expectations, giving his son his own drawing tablet to foster the young artist within. He was going to be disappointed.


Yeah, I don't know.

A rabbit?  A mouse?

Spelling practice

Your standard child-drawn house and yard.

A girl or an alien.

Perhaps a rocket.

Stoa You.

Calvary Hill?

A plant

Another plant

A hippie barbecuing.

Either an anatomically correct cow or El Chupacabra.

A banana, of course.

A comic strip about a crowd forming.

A horse.  With bloat.

Practicing writing his name which is eerily similar to the way I write mine.

I think the kid was smoking that plant he drew earlier.

And finally, his masterpiece.

Why did he have to have bloodshot eyes.  WHY?!  Good luck getting that image out of your head before dark. Sweet dreams.

1 comment:

  1. "a hippie barbecuing" would have sent my coffee screenward if had been sipping at that moment. i love the obsession with religious symbolism... obviously crosses, then that one page has a jewish star and what could possibly be construed as a taoist yin & yang symbol. either way, he was clearly holding out on us, because that clown with bloodshot eyes is definitely serial-killer worthy. *shudder*


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