Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What was on TV September 16th through 22nd, 1978

Following up last week's Big Fall Preview, we now enter the brand new 1978 television season.  Remember when all television shows premiered the same week?   Let's see what's on.

The experts didn't do too badly although they probably should have flipped Vega$ and Mork and Mindy...and thrown out Kaz.

There was a time when Velveeta was used for more than just Rotel cheese dip? And I would appreciate it, TV Guide, if you would never use the phrase "frankfurter chunks" around me again. Thank you.

"Yep. I get taste from Winston. That and an incredibly craggy face from constantly having smoke drift into it. Thanks Winston."

If the word loaf doesn't proceed "of bread" or follow "homemade meat" be afraid. Be very afraid.

"All-New" has never meant "Better".  Ever.  This includes Popeye.

I can only hope that Hawkins is getting ready to wipe that smart aleck grin off of Harvey's face.  This is going to be sweet.

Can't sleep! Rocking horse will get me!

So David Birney was on the two hour "Love Boat" premier AND the "Fantasy Island" premier? I wonder if people just assumed that the Pacific Princess just dropped him off on Fantasy Island.

Ponch delivers a baby at a discotheque.  Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the 1970's.

I just blogged about a couple glasses I sold that had this King Kong image on them.  Given the 3 versions made, I still think the original is the best.

That is one sweet Frank Frazetta "Battlestar Galactica" ad. And it copped the poses from "Star Wars" which had probably copped it from Frazetta in the first place.

The new guy wsa Beau who was a poor replacement for Vinny Barbarino. He was the proto-Ted McGinley.

I've said it before and I'll say it again; Randolph Mantooth has to be one of the manliest names ever.

Andy's looking awfully smug there.  Oh you'll learn Andy, you'll learn...

"Audrey Rose".  Yet another 1970's movie I'm convinced was created solely to freak me out.

"Girls Get Pinched on Nude Beach".  Best "Three's Company" teaser line ever.

We can only hope that Grandpa stuck it to that weasel, President Frank Burns.

Remember, kids, just because the creepy voice on the phone asks you "Are you in the house alone?", you don't have to tell the truth.

Two shows featuring disco in one week?  Well, it was 1978.  I guess I should be surprised there were only 2 shows.

"This is our new microwave model. With it, you can watch a whole football game in six minutes."  Kind of prophetic.  We have that now.  It's called a DVR.


  1. dude, i've been waiting for this one: the battlestar galactica premiere! that frazetta is really awesome -- i had forgotten they had him do some of the early promotional stuff. and there's an article, too. can't wait to read it.

    1. Yeah, that Frazetta painting is great. I believe he did several.

  2. Holy carp! I must have spent all my time in front of the TV at that time. Can I go back there, just to the television watching, at least? So many classics right in these pages. As a side note, I just read today that one of the networks aired its regular Saturday morning cartoon block, so the network cartoons on Saturday are now a thing of the past. Sad end to a great era.

    1. Yes, Joe, only 3 major networks, but it seems like there was always something good on, unlike today!

      >I just read today that one of the networks aired its regular Saturday morning cartoon >block

      I didn't hear that, Joe. Sad indeed. I found an article on it. Man, I miss Saturday mornings.


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