Thursday, September 11, 2014

Twin Kongs

I put the King Kong glass I found here along with another I found at another sale recently up for sale on eBay this past weekend.

I was contacted Sunday by a potential buyer who said he wanted to purchase the glasses as a door-prize at a 9/11 movie memorial service today.  I was a little hesitant and thought it was more than a little disrespectful, so I asked him for more details.  He responded fairly quickly:

I host/program a monthly film series at a theater in Brooklyn that is based around the history of Times Square movie houses - each month we feature a different theater from the old 42nd St - we do a presentation on the theater's history and then show a movie that premiered in that particular theater.. our Sept date happened to fall on the 11th and some of the people who I do the shows with felt like they might want to skip it - take the month off - because it is still a hard thing for many to deal with and think about - I know so many people who are still reticent to even visit the memorial..But I thought it would be better to do it - to celebrate the buildings with something appropriate instead of focusing on a theater this time and do a presentation on the buildings as seen through film - they were so iconic to me even as a child before I had moved here - and King Kong was one of the movies that made them so - I had the poster on my bedroom door all through growing up. And it was very nice that we got a lot of positive reaction from people when we announced we were doing it - I felt it was the right choice - something I knew I'd like to see myself on this occasion - and we've put together a 30 minute presentation on the history of the buildings as seen through the movies that featured them...    
We're putting together some good prizes for the raffle drawing we do after every screening - including some nice books on the the towers - and the glasses I think will be the most coveted of them - I remember having all of them when I was young - somehow the one Twin Towers one was the only one that made it through the years that I still have.

As horrible as that event was, we all heal in different ways and I decided it would be an honor to contribute to this event.  I did check today and the glasses were delivered in time.

On the off-chance anyone is in New York today, maybe you can attend.  You can read about the event here.

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  1. i had your reaction at first, but now that i read his explanation behind it, i think it's a cool tribute. celebrate the life of the towers (and the people who built them, worked in them, and lived with them), not focusing on their demise.


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