Monday, September 15, 2014


In the same lot where I found the "Doing Your Share" booklet, was this book on the benefits and cost savings of frozen foods from 1947 published by General Electric who just by coincidence sold freezers.

The elf in the middle there seems embarrassed by bringing in a pitiful turkey.  If this is to scale, he's probably shamed by the giant strawberry the elf behind him is contributing.

The miracles of modern refrigeration.  Peaches and cream in Winter and corn in March.

In choosing fruits and vegetables for freezing, it's best to pick those that haven't mutated into sentient beings.

Moose?  People actually eat Moose?

Because when you want to impress your friends, nothing gets the job done better than soggy, lifeless previously frozen food.

I do like the fact that they are decisive about what drink you'll have with dinner -- coffee.  Every night.  It goes with everything.

The date on the bottom of this page seems to indicate GE had been pushing this same booklet since February of 1926 with an revision done in March of 1948, however I couldn't find a GE freezer produced that early.  They did produce the popular "Monitor-Top" refrigerator that used sulfur dioxide or methyl format as a refrigerant, both of which are highly toxic.  Even so, they are highly collectible and used today.

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