Thursday, September 25, 2014

Riddle Me This

I found this 45 in a box of records at a local garage sale (in fact, just down the street from me) last Saturday.  I was surprised no one had grabbed it yet, especially when the seller told me someone had already bought a bunch of them.  She was charging 25 cents each.  This was the only one I was interested in.  I wonder what sold before I got there.

The "A" side is actually "Never Let Her Go", an easy listening song written by David Gates best known as a member of the band Bread and for his single "The Goodbye Girl".  It's actually not that bad and typical of the era.  The hole drilled through the label indicates this 45 was discontinued and discounted by the time it was purchased.

Click title to listen

Never Let Her Go

The "B" side, or the reason anyone bought this 45, is "The Riddler".  Written by Mel Torme, it features Frank Gorshin in his Riddler persona shouting out riddles set to bouncy music.

The Riddler

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