Sunday, March 1, 2015

I Got the Roaches

In honor of the first day of trout season here in Missouri (yes, some consider it a holiday), I thought I'd share this postcard, even if it's from Mississippi. Unfortunately, we received 6 inches of snow last night which resulted in a 35-car pileup on the main highway into Missouri's trout fishing parks, so I'm not sure how well opening day worked out.

I'm not crazy, right?  It says, "I got the roaches"?

609 (or 604) Spruce street appears to be a parking lot now.  Too bad, it's right by Busch Stadium.  Joe Weiss' Central Tavern would have done a booming business.  Come to think of it, it says "c/o Central Tavern".  I wonder if Joe owned the tavern or Harry just knew the postcard would find him there.


  1. to me the best thing about this is that he sent a postcard to his friend in care of some bar they hung out in. its like homer sending a postcard to barney, c/o moe's tavern -- because he knows he'll be there when the mail is delivered, haha.

    1. I'll bet they all yelled, "JOOOEEEE!!!!" when he walked in.


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