Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Stamping Out High Prices

My knowledge of the various grocery store redemption stamp schemes of the 1960's and 70's is limited to memories of these stamps scattered and unpasted in our pencil drawer growing up and that episode of the Brady Bunch where the boys battled the girls to determine who would get to redeem the books in a card-pyramid building showdown that nearly tore the entire family apart, Tiger included.  (spoiler alert, the girls won.  Double-spoiler alert, they decided to get something everyone could enjoy -- a color TV).

I found these book, un-redeemed, at an estate sale recently.  They are for "Worth Dollars", issued by a local St. Louis redemption stamp company, "Top Value" stamps, issued by a Dayton, Ohio company, and the most popular and oldest remeption stamps, S&H Green Stamps.  The graphics inside these books encouraging you to save stamps are really neat, but the styles vary so greatly, I wonder if they aren't clip art.  The other downside is, once the stamps are pasted in the books, you can no longer see the art; definitive "ephemera".

 The way you lick those stamps really turns me on.


  1. judging from the variety of styles in that first book, i'd be pretty confident in guessing they are purchased stock art.

  2. I remember helping my mom paste those stamps in the books...

    1. Do you recall ever redeeming them for anything?


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