Sunday, March 15, 2015

Life March 15th, 1968

Given the subject, I considered saving this issue for an October post, but my standard is to print these in the month they came out.  So here's the March 15th, 1968 edition of Life magazine, at least the ads.

How to recognize a real Wrangler?  He's not in this picture?

I always thought the "Wonder Years" ad campaign for the bread was a play on the TV show.  I stand corrected.

Hy Roth was an illustrator for Playboy.  I recognize his style and it's got to be from something besides Playboy.  Anyone?

 Nabisco's Toastettes entered the game a little late, 3 years after Kellogg's Pop Tarts.  They ceased production in 2002.

Yes, guys.  If this simple-minded woman can fly, SO CAN YOU!

Is that her real hair?

The 60's were starting to lost their charm, although the model at the bottom left is still hanging on.

So you can hide your drinking problem in style.


  1. Hy Roth reminds me of the illustrations in Dynamite magazine. maybe?

    1. YES! You're right! I have got to look at some back issues. Google knows of no connection though.

    2. at first when i saw the illustration, i thought you were posting something from Dynamite, actually. the style is spot-on. i'm particularly thinking of the dracula character, but there are others i can dredge up from my memory if i work at it. it has to be the same guy.

    3. Count Morbida was drawn by Arthur Friedman, but yes, a similar style.

    4. MORBIDA! that's the name i was trying to think of. in my head, it's very similar, but now that i look again i see that you're right... similar style and tone, but not exactly the same. still fits in that mag. i wonder who it was?

    5. You might be thinking of Jared Lee who drew the "Bummers" comics in Dynamite. Again, similar style, but not exactly.

    6. hmm, or possibly i'm just blurring the two. a google search is satisfying, i guess -- the Bummers were a little more grungy/sketchy than i was remembering, but then again so was Morbida. anyway, both styles are so 70s to me. i loved that magazine. the wikipedia page on it is comprehensive about issue topics, but sorely lacking in info on everyone responsible for its look. as someone who works with printing nowadays, it staggers my brain to contemplate how much it must have cost to produce that thing 12 times a year.

    7. If I recall correctly, it was produced by a very small staff made up of Robert (R.L. to you Goosebumps fans) Stine and his wife Jane and Linda Aber (who even posed as Magic Wanda). The magazine was a favorite of mine too and I collected it well beyond the age of the target audience.

    8. yeah! i just saw that on wikipedia. crazy that the stines were behind it. i looked forward to every issue. i'm sure there are collectors out there trying to get every one.

    9. Yes, there is a collectors market for them and in fact, I own every issue up to about 1982.


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