Saturday, March 7, 2015

Unidentified Frying Object

Looking more like the Jupiter 2 than an electric skillet, this frying saucer, also known as a "Party Chef" was made by Cory appliances of Chicago in the 1950's.

It came with the original owner's manual.

Cory wasn't a familiar appliance name to me.  They started out in the 1940's producing vacuum coffee makers, for which the owner of the company, Harvey Cory, held a patent for the glass filter rod shown in the ad below.

The space-age styled Party Chef was introduced in 1956.

An ad on the back of the owner's manual shows they had quite a line of appliances.  

I'm surprised I've never seen them at sales before now.


  1. vacuum coffee is the best coffee. hipsters can take their press coffee or paper cone drip -- i've never had any coffee i like better than vacuum.

    appliances like this (especially when they come with manuals) make me want to make some of the recipes, just to see how they would come out.

    1. I have yet to try vacuum coffee. I've been keeping an eye out though at sales for a decent one.

      I always want to try to the recipes too, but never seem to get around to it. This one has a recipe for every meal and dessert.

    2. you can buy vacuum coffee makers new, of course -- we've had (and broken) several Bodum brand ones over the years. that's their real downside... they are fragile. but the coffee is really good, and the process of making it is really fun.

    3. Me? Buy something new? NEVER!!!!!

    4. i hear ya, but good luck finding some mint vintage filters for one of those vacuum pots. the new ones have a nifty plastic one so it will last forever, but the old ones had various cotton ones that you (i suspect) had to replace once in awhile. ; )


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