Thursday, March 26, 2015

Shrimps and Weenies

The 1950's may be the best decade in history for home kitchens.  With new materials, new innovations and high demand, there seemed to be an appliance to fit every need.

Enter, the Shrimpmaster.

I'm not a big fish (or in this case crustacean) eater.  Can you still buy shrimp in full dress?  The ones I see at the grocery store have already been shelled and de-veined.

Love this font.

What are these things?  Are they supposed to be shrimp? With devil horns?  Terrified Devil Shrimp?

Fear her!  She wields THE SHRIMPMASTER!

 If beautiful shrimp cocktails are what it takes for your friends to envy you, it's time for new friends.

Next up is a guest appearance of an estate sale find of a friend.  It's the Weeny Spit Jr.  The name reminds me of the episode of "Spongebob Squarepants" when he's not allowed to enter The Salty Spatoon and instead is sent across the street to Weenie Hut Jrs.  Hey, my kids watch it.

This would make a great t-shirt.  Thanks to a friend of a friend for cleaning up the image.


  1. Yes Tom, you can still buy shrimp that has not been peeled and deveined.


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