Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sweaterin' to the Oldies

Columbia Minverva Corporation sold knitting pattern books from the 1960's to the 1980's.  They also just happened to sell the yarn needed to knit the patterns.

This Men's Book of sweaters probably dates from the early to mid-1960's.  

Clearly, someone just off camera has done something entirely inappropriate.  And right when they were plotting their trip.

The sword I want to show you is up here, Mr. Wandering Eyes.

What you see the moment before you're fired.

Taking First Place in the Sweater Vest division was the highlight of his young life.

I can be serious...

...or playful!

This broke the needle on my cute-o-meter.

When the blind bowl

From golfing... skeet pulling.  This guy knows how to live.

This picture would be so much cooler if he was wearing the helmet.

I think that bird just winked at me.

Well, Mr. Sweater, where will our travels take us today?

Ha!  Look at him run!

The models in this book remind me of an old Eddie Murphy skit:


  1. I wish my man looked this dapper.

  2. i have to say, i love and would wear some of these sweaters. and blondie is a handsome, dapper fellow. your commentary on some of these made me snort out loud -- well done, sir.


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