Friday, October 2, 2015

Away, Foul Creatures of Evil!

Even Soap Operas couldn't resist the allure of the monster mania that swept the mid 1960's and countered the typical serial soap romance and melodrama with "Dark Shadows".  Hosting a variety of ghouls, the show starred Barnabas Collins (Jonathan Frid) as the reluctant vampire in search of his lost love.

The show was cancelled in 1971, but lived on in comic books and later revivals, most recently the 2012 Tim Burton film.

In this August 1972 Gold Key issue, Barnabas' long-time nemesis Angelique (who is responsible for turning Barnabas into a vampire 175 years ago) sics two "Night Children" on Barnabas, convincing him they are simply poor waifs looking for their lost dog before going all demonic on him.  Enjoy the story and the groovy ads!

These deserved a close up.

The real horror of this comic is that someone actually cut out an order form and ruined the panel on the reverse side!

"Away, Foul Creatures of Evil" will be my new line when someone bothers me at work.

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