Monday, October 26, 2015

Dennison Place Cards

These Dennison Halloween place cards were in a hand glove box along with some other miscellaneous holiday decorations I bought for $1.

A couple of these cats look like they've been in a fight.

Along with these were some homemade place cards which appear to have been made from holiday paper napkins and note cards.  Three boys for each girl.

And finally, the last piece in this box was this mini skeleton die cut which stands 7" tall.


  1. WOW i remember those pumpkin and owl place cards. We also had the skeleton so cool!

  2. The pumpkins are the work of my grandfather Lester Peterson, who was art director at Dennison for several decades. He also designed gift tags, wrapping paper, a wonderful Santa Claus and those books of stickers we used to have in the '50s and '60s. I love seeing his work now, taking me back. He was a wonderful grandfather!

    1. That's fantastic, Mariama! Do you have any other examples of his work? I'd love to see them. There is a huge following for these vintage Halloween decorations.

    2. That's fantastic! I have the pumpkin and owl but it's a larger size designed to be placed on a wall. It's been in my family for decades and gets put out every Halloween. Delighted to have the name of the artist! We had a card store, Party Bazaar, here in NYC that proudly stated "Featuring Dennison Products" on its shopping bags. I adored Dennison's seasonal decorations.

    3. I actually came across that larger pumpkin diecut this year, Ed. It's a great piece.


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