Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Universal Monster Candle Busts

When I first found these wax monster noggins, I thought they were old.  Doing some research, it looks like they were produced in the last 20 years.  Still cool.  I don't think I'll burn these, although, if I had the Frankenstein candle, it might be appropriate.

Since this was such a short post, can I light a candle under you (see what I did there) and advise that you head (again!  I can't stop!) on over to the great Countdown to Halloween and check out what all the other boils and ghouls are up to!


  1. I believe I have those candles. I think they might have been a Walgreens exclusive.

    1. Do you recall what the other candles were? A gillman would be cool.

  2. Awesome blogs Tom! Love going through your vintage goodies.

  3. Fun stuff. I wouldn't burn them, either. Definitely save them!


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