Thursday, October 29, 2015

Horror Sounds of the Night

Found among the pile of other Halloween finds from my previous post was this Topstone "Horror Sounds of the Night" cassette tape featuring "30 weird minutes" of "spine-tingling Halloween" enjoyment.

Like the diecuts in the previous post, this has been opened and resealed in the original packaging.

Someone has already done the favor of posting this soundtrack on Youtube, so I don't have to break (re-break?) the seal.


  1. I was considering writing a post this Halloween season about those Scary Sounds vinyl records that were part of my childhood in the 1970s. I guess the most famous ones were "Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House" from Disney and "Ghostly Sounds" from Peter Pan. Drips and creaking doors and chains rattling and moans and screeching wind storms and thunder and footsteps and maniacal laughs. As kids, we ate that stuff up, playing it on our turntables. .... Also played into the idea that your imagination can be far scarier than any blood and guts on the big screen.

    1. I never had those albums when I was young, but I have quite a few of them now. They're a fun listen.


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