Thursday, October 8, 2015

Halloween Covered

Someone bought this Halloween tablecloth for a party that never materialized.  Still in it's original package marked at 59 cents, I paid $1 for it.  I guess at least they made a profit.  I would guess it dates from the 1970's.

I'd love to see what the rest of the table cloth looks like, but I can't bring myself to open it.

Beach Products of Kalamazoo, Michigan began as a joint venture between Richard Beach and William Arthur who opened a paper mill in 1926.  By 1928, they had expanded into paper novelty with a plant in Indianapolis, Indiana where they produced some really great examples of early Halloween party supplies.

In 1946, after the death of William Arthur's wife, the company dissolved and Richard Beach moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan where he established Beach Products, Inc.  Some time in the 1990's, Beach Products changed hands and became DesignWare and was closed forever by American Greetings in 2010.


  1. holy cow, i remember those tablecloths. that plate is fantastic!

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  4. This is what the scarecrow tablecloth looks similar to: This is what the matching napkins look like folded out


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