Saturday, October 31, 2015

It's the Final Countdown!

When I began this year’s Countdown to Halloween, I began it with the pessimistic outlook that I wouldn’t have enough to post daily.  As it turns out, I posted daily plus and still have a bunch leftover.  The following finds were all candidates for a post of one kind or another, but I kept passing them over for other things I wanted to post first, much like that scene in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure where he keeps passing over the snakes while saving the rest of the animals from the fire at the pet store.  Well, this is my AUGGGGHHHHH!!!! moment (imagine me laying on the ground with all of the following finds spread across me).  If you can't relate to Pee Wee Herman, think of it this way: if this blog were Gilligan's Island, these finds would be the Professor and Mary Ann.

Light up blow mold.  No marks.

MPC Toys Executioner, or "Gay Blade" according to this advertisement for Fritos:

I had the werewolf "Harry Scarey" as well, but darned if I can find him at the moment.  Interestingly, "Batty Bertha" looks a lot like this cake topper I blogged about last year.

I'm not sure of the manufacturer of these candles.

I have no idea what this was/is, but I found 2 of them in the past year.  Underneath her fabric hat is a much smaller rubber hat.  I'm not sure if it's homemade or was bought this way.  I'm guessing it could be a treat holder that was given out.

A couple of miscellaneous Trick or Treat bags.

I love these little scissor style skeleton hands.  They remind me of something that would have been given away as a prize at carnivals.

More candles of unknown manufacturer.

Another bendy I found with the others I blogged about this season.

Classic vintage rubber bat

Plastic candy dish.  I love the graphics on this.  It's made of that brittle plastic that will crack if you just look at it wrong.

An owl book mark for you to print and cut out for your favorite Halloween stories.

Trick or Treat bags from 1988 found at the same sale as the die cuts.

Pumpkin flashlight.

Owl cake topper toothpicks, made in Japan.

Tablecloth, again from that same sale as the die cuts.  Newer, but some fun graphics on it.

Same sale.  This person even saved the cardboard off the balloon bag.  Mind you, there were no ballons, just the cardboard topper.  

Same sale.  Similar to Easter grass, just black.

Happy Halloween, everybody.  I hope you've enjoyed this month's countdown.  It went by fast.  I will be back in November with a wrap up and of course, more fun posts.  Christmas is just around the corner!


  1. GREAT. now i want a "gay blade" Fritos™ figure!

  2. Love to have all those little Fritos toys!

    Enjoyed it all! Thanks for all the great posts. Happy Halloween!

  3. I'm with everybody I want those Fritos toys!! I never knew they did that. Happy Halloween!!

  4. Hope you had a great Halloween..I was a bit busier than expected, but had an awesome little party and then a bonfire last night! :)

    1. We did have a good Halloween. Glad yours turned out well too! Here's to next Halloween!


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