Friday, October 18, 2019

My Crowning Jack O' Lantern Find

Every year, inevitably, I lament that garage sales just aren't what they used to be.  The people of the era I like have aged out (a nice way of saying they've died or already sold off everything) and people are more savvy about the collectability and value of items, particularly Halloween collectibles.

And every year, inevitably, I run into a sale that proves me wrong.

A few weeks ago, while out on my usual travels, I saw an unassuming sale.  I almost didn't stop, but I've learned if there are things you can't see in the garage, go in.

Most of the items were modern and utilitarian, those impulse buys at Walmart that never get used, but on a shelf, I saw this little crowned guy (or gal).

He measures 3 1/2" tall is made of hard plastic.  The hard plastic, as opposed to the softer blow mold material, was a tip-off he was old.  I find the ears and bat-wing-shaped bangs an odd addition, but hey if you've already added the crown, why not.

Doing some internet digging and some questions on the Vintage Halloween Enthusiasts FB group, I found he is a candy caontainer and was made by Tico Toys which was a division of Rosbro.  I've previously written about the great plastic candy containers made by Rosbro and I actually included an example of this Jack O' Lantern, although mine has a plastic handle whereas the one in my previous past had a metal one.  That probably puts my Jack O' Lantern later in the production line.  I don't know when Tico Toys/Rosbro stopped producing, but I would guess early to mid '70's.

Unfortunately, there's still very little information about Rosbro to be found.  I actually reached out to a member of the Rosen family through Ancestry last year, but they didn't know any more about their ancestors' company that I did.

But this little guy (or gal, I'm still not sure) has found a home on my Halloween mantle this year. He/She fits in fine.


  1. your lament about the quality of garage sales also applies to thrift stores. good things are harder and harder to find, and mass-produced items of shoddy quality from Walmart abound. but it does still pay off to persist. Nice jack o' lantern, too, btw... but... EARS? what in the seven hells were they thinking?

    1. >but... EARS? what in the seven hells were they thinking?
      The better to hear you with, my dear.

  2. Wow - what a cutie. I agree that Halloween collectibles have gotten very overpriced and hard to find. I think you got lucky with this one. The mantle looks great by the way.

    1. Thanks, Lady M. I'll post some full pictures in an upcoming post.

  3. I agree, a treasure you found for sure!

  4. What a great find! I think I will try the Vintage Halloween Enthusiasts FB group to ID my Jack o Lantern too.


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