Saturday, October 5, 2019

Witch Bendy

While rooting around in the basement of a home at an estate sale, my daughter pulled this out of box of toys.  I'm so proud of her (my daughter, not the witch, although she's cool too).

She looks like she's had a rough life with wear on the tip of her hat. She also appears to have held something in her right hand at one time. Perhaps a broom that has flown the coop, or the coven as the case may be. There are no markings on her, so I'm not sure when she was made.

I'm not sure what I'll do with her, but I guess she can be a sister to this bendy witch from a few years ago or perhaps Dracula's girlfriend.


Through the Plaid Stallions blog, I came across an auction on eBay that revealed this witch and Dracula were in fact, very the box.

Looking at this display, I saw Dracula, but also recognized the witch's boots.  They were known as "Flexy Halloween Creeps". 

Another photo from the auction reveals the broom she held.  Now to find the mummy, skeleton and scarecrow and the family will be complete.


  1. Your daughter has a sharp eye. I think she makes a great addition to your bendy colllection.

  2. it's weird that there's no markings on her. she looks like some sort of toy like you'd get with a Happy Meal or something, but if that was the case there certainly would be markings for McDonald's or whoever on it.

  3. Gosh I use to have a ton of bendys and to FrankO's point McDonalds did do them. Like the Chicago Bulls back in there hay Day.


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