Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Tip Top Skeleton Hand

To go along with yesterday's peeping skeleton, I offer this "Tip Top Skeleton Hand". I'd like to point out there are two hands included, so technically, the label is one hand short.  Like the Peeping Skeleton from yesterday, I've blogged about a set of these previously. I found this pair still in the packaging.

Written on the top is "Sept. 12, 1978 St. Anthony's". I suspect these were received as a prize at a church carnival, though I'm not sure why anyone would want to commemorate that by writing that down. Given my garage sale radius, I'm guessing it was this St. Anthony's.

I couldn't bring myself to open the package, so here's a picture of my other set to show what they look like.


  1. i'm glad somebody had an open pair, because i really wanted to see them extended. they don't look strong enough to pick up anything. maybe the act of them just reaching towards someone is SPOOOOOOKY enough.

    1. They're very flimsy, as all proper carnival prizes are. You couldn't pick up anything heftier than a thread with these.

  2. Well those look like fun. Hide in the closet and grab a unsuspecting passer by with your skeleton hands. I agree - what a strange thing to commemorate.


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