Sunday, October 13, 2019

We'll Take a Cup of Horror Yet

Welcome to Sunday the 13th!  Mwah ha ha haaaa.... Ehhhh.  Doesn't have the same effect as Friday, does it?

These Halloween party cups were meant to be used and disposed of -- the definition of "ephemera".  They managed to survive and I'm glad of it.

The Haunted House cups are made by Tuttle Press and labeled "Party Creation".

The others are made by Party Maid and date from the 1970's. I like the simple Jack O' Lanterns on the classic picket fence with the owl silhouetted in the moonlight watching over.

I also like the folder out handle.  It reminds me of the coffee machine cups I used to get at my first job.

Don't let the 13th be unlucky for you. Head on over to the Countdown and make this your Lucky Day.


  1. Love the images! I love these kinds of party cups. I bought a Halloween mug no later than yesterday in fact.

  2. These are so cute - so reminiscent of my childhood.

    1. Yeah, the Halloween paper products they sell today pale in comparison.

  3. Replies
    1. But you raise a good point. I couldn't use these and throw them away.

  4. they definitely cover almost all the classic halloween tropes. even the arching, hissing black cat (but it's not on the fence).


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