Monday, October 28, 2019

Witch Candle Company is Which?

I found this Gurley witch at a garage sale this year. It's nice to find these vintage items still, particularly at garage sale prices.

I also found this witch candle this past year, but I don't recall where (garage or estate sale for sure).  

She was made byt he Suni Candle company of Syracuse, New York, as is evidenced by the boxed version below. She also apparently had a single tooth in front that has disappeared from mine.

I've see her incorrectly  attributed to Gurley before, probably because of the similarities of Gurley's version seen below:

This stealing borrowing of styles can be seen across the companies and even in other industries such as die cuts and blow molds.

This ghost figure (which looks more like a Star Wars Jawa figure) was also made by Suni.

He originally came packaged with another version of a witch.

I've never come across an Emkay Candle company witch, but I do have a catalog that shows an example.

I've also seen this one attributed online to Emkay. I'm not sure if it's a later version or mistakenly attributed.  

Like Rosbro plastics, these candle companies left little history documented, which is a shame.  Gurley has the most information available which I previously wrote about.

Emkay was began in 1925 as the Muench-Kreuzer Candle Co. by cousins Alexis and Norbert Muench and Fredrick Kreuzer.  Customers had trouble pronouncing the name, so they settled on the phonetic sounds of the first letters.  Earlier this year, they downsized drastically, cutting their employee count to 15, a literal "skeleton crew" (no pun intended, okay, yes it was), blaming a lack of orders from Catholic churches for prayer candles which was previously their staple.

Not much information can be found on the Suni candle company of Syracuse, New York.  When I say "not much" I mean "nothing".


  1. So cute - glad there are still treasures to be had if you are willing to dig.

    1. Yes, despite my frequent laments, they are out there.

  2. i'm always amazed that small candles like this survive, since they are so susceptible to melting into blobs because of high temperatures when stored in garages or whatever.

    1. Yes, many is the time I've come across Halloween and Christmas items that have congealed with candles stored in the same box.

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