Tuesday, October 2, 2018

American Greetings Witch Die Cut

This past year's sales have produced a few new additions to my die cut collection including this witch from the 1980's by American Greetings below. 

For the most part, the 1980's produced a lot of wide-eyed black kittens, sugary pumpkins and friendly ghost die cuts from Beistle, Peck and others.  This die cut provides a little more scare than those and while it lacks the embossing of older die cuts, it does come with some good detail.


  1. That's a neat one that I have never seen before either.

  2. It was made with some horror-love, that is for sure! 🎃

  3. I use to lose myself in these paper cut outs as they hung in the classroom! Did way to much daydreaming I guess.

    1. I was dreaming along with you, Bob. Not sure how I graduated.

  4. I agree, that is a really nice cut out I’ve never come across before either— very cool


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