Friday, October 19, 2018

Halloween Straw Toppers

These 3 hollow plastic decorations had me scratching my head when I first found them.  I couldn't think of what they would be from. Posting them to a Halloween collector Facebook group I belong two identified them as "straw toppers".  These would have been the top of straws full of bead-like candy and given out as treats at Halloween.

The above topper would have actually been on a plastic body filled with the same candy as shown below:

Seeing that Pumpkin-headed business man brought back memories. I do recall getting one of those as a kid. These probably date from the 1960's through 1970's (maybe even into the '80's).

Here's a devil-headed version with the candy still inside.

I recall loving the container and hating the candy -- hard, flavorless pellets.


  1. oh wow, i remember these, but i thought they came on clear tubes, like pixie sticks. interesting.

    1. I think the cat and witch were on the clear straws like you remember. I couldn't find any examples of those on the internet, but I remember them.

    2. yeah, those pixie stick types are just not as visually interesting as the little people-shaped bodies you found. i don't remember ever getting those. they were probably more expensive to produce.


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