Saturday, October 20, 2018

Disco, Disco Die Cut

I found these well-worn die cuts in the basement of an estate sale marked at 50 cents each.  

As you can see, they've seen better days, but I didn't have the heart to leave them and their bad selves behind.

These die cuts date from 1976 at the height of the disco era.  I could see these two doing The Hustle at the 2001 Odyssey Club...if they weren't missing feet.


  1. We had that pumpkin! I remember my mom hanging it on the door. It had feet however.

  2. groovy flares! i remember these. the witch always seemed so weird to me, being all head and having no body. i mean, what??

  3. Again the witch hung in my classroom and the Pumpkin we had for many years sadly a few years ago we had to lay him to rest.

  4. Had both of these in the 70's growing up too... when I asked my mom if she still had them recently she said they were destroyed when their basement flooded a few years ago. I nearly started crying


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