Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Scaring Up Some Sales

You may recall the debut of the grocery sale templates on this site last month. Or you may not. Either way, you're getting some more of them.  This time, it's Halloween-themed ads, of course.

First up, these "Monster Sale!" ads from October of 1968 feature some pretty neat art.

As I explained in my previous post, these were in catalogs that businesses would look through to choose a newspaper ad.  Just add your name and own sales information.

Next up, this "Harvest Sale" ad features a friendly looking scarecrow.

And he comes in black and white too.

I'm not sure what store would be inviting you to a Hootenanny, but heck, I'll go.

And finally, these next ads bring to mind a post from a few years ago.

This page shows the various color plates that would be used in creating the color images for the above ad.

That's all for today.  Why don't you head over and whoop it up at the Countdown to Halloween while you still have time.


  1. The very first monster sale image with the 3d is my fave.

  2. these also look like they are from an old Advertising Slick book. newspaper design departments used to have shelves of these books with old stock art, and the ad department would choose images to use for client ads. some of these have NOT aged well, yeesh.

    1. Yes, that's exactly what these are. I bought the books over the summer. They haven't aged well in more than one way. Most were so molded, I had to scan and pitch.


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